Inked Art Car

At first, I was sceptical with the idea of drawing on a car. Better yet, an entire car. After some long thorough planning and concepts, I bit the bullet and did it.
The whole theme for the car was time, which I needed plenty of doing the entire thing.
Started with the 2 front fenders, both doors, and the trunk.
The medium used for the whole project was just plain black sharpie markers, after water-sanding the surface, just enough for the marker to stick on.
With all the removable panels done, I did the rest of the car in the Garage.
Took quite awhile, especially the hood, Most of the designs were done on the spot, and improvisation along the way.
Difficulty was trying to be consistent with the designs, though it was asymmetrical all over the car, it was tedious to create the flow of illustrations all over it.
But in time, I’ve learned to cope through it.
One of my most challenging work, considering the scale itself

In the making